CooCoo for Coconut Oil

I've been working to remove refined sugar from my diet one item at a time. The hardest part of this has been my coffee. I love a warm cup of sweet, creamy hazelnut coffee, and I knew there was no way I could drink straight up black coffee. No, thank you. Enter raw, unrefined coconut oil.

My life has been changed.

Raw Coconut Oil

Coffee is my Achilles heel and I struggle with sugar dependency, but coconut oil was way better than the refined sugar and chemical-laced creamer that I've been drinking my whole life. It sweetened my coffee without tasting like coconut and moisturized my lips at the same time. Score.

The coconut didn't over-power the flavor of the coffee so it really tastes just like a lightly sweetened cup of regular coffee does. Except it is so much better for you, and personally I think it tastes like heaven.

Try it out for yourself. Add some almond milk and a teaspoon of raw, unrefined coconut oil to your coffee. I promise you won't regret it and you'll never want a cup of that other crap again.

I love starting the day -and staying awake all day- by drinking a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil.