A Weekend at the Ball Park

As the seasons are changing, I want my outfits to be transitional, which means I'm wearing a lot of shorts, tanks, and lightweight jackets/plaid/cardigans. And my ever present Chuck Taylors, of course. So naturally, that's what I wore to the Royals/Red Sox games in KC last weekend. It was a warm day, but your teeth started chattering once you stepped into the shade. I needed something that would be comfortable in the sun and shade, and had the fun, laid-back vibe that's necessary for the ball park. So I threw on my Joe's high-waisted cut offs, a black tank, my Rails plaid (which I've worn almost everyday for two weeks straight), and beloved black Converse to enjoy the game with a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. Perfection.

Even better? I was able to take this outfit and change it up for a night out in the Power & Light District. I changed into some leather leggings, tied up my tank, and put my Rails on the normal way. The finishing touch was my brand new pair of Dolce Vita charcoal, suede, over-the-knee boots. Voila! I had a chill, kick-ass outfit to go out in, and all I had to do was change around a few pieces. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures to document it, but, trust me, it rocked.

These boots are TO DIE FOR. I give you permission to drool over them.

(I love them with this chic, neon pink dress too.)

Look at this amazing detail!

Suede Detailing

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