Planning + Patterns + Bacon

Anyone else plan outfits the night before? I love taking some time in the evening to figure out what I'll wear the next day. Aside from the fact that putting an ensemble together is just plain fun, it also gives me something to look forward to in the morning before the coffee kicks in. Plus, it saves time when I'm stumbling around getting ready, and we already know how I struggle on Monday.

Fact: I like mixing high end pieces with affordable items. So this Monday, I paired my favorite Wildfox skinnies and Ladakh silk, floral bomber jacket with my chucks and this hilarious tank from Target. Yes, Target. I topped it off with a sparkly necklace and leopard clutch.

I'm not always a fan of patterns, and 90% of the time I HATE floral, but this bomber just works. The mesh shoulders balance out the girly print and give it an edge. For some reason, I have absolutely no problem mixing it with the leopard.

Monday Get Up
Monday Get Up

This tank was also an easy piece to transition into my post-work yoga session. It's thin, loose, and airy, which is exactly what I needed while sweating it out on my lime green Lulu mat. So my new favorite tank top is basically the definition of functional. Side note: I held my longest headstand (away from a wall) ever tonight. Which is huge because I have a serious fear of inversions. :P