Goodbye To Do List, Hello Giraffes and Yummy Treats

Last minute plans are my favorite, which is weird considering I'm obsessed with my planner. Oh well. Anyway, my roommates and I met up with some friends to visit the Little Rock Zoo for ZooBrew. Basically, a bunch of local breweries offer samples for you to drink as you walk around the exhibits. There was also a band and several delicious food trucks.

I had to skip my Vinyasa class and run, but it was worth it to relax with my friends and do something out of the norm. Sometimes you just have to ditch the schedule and live your life. So I went to the zoo, and didn't worry about the calories in the beer or the grease & butter in the DELICIOUS waffle I got from the Waffle Wagon. I even got an ice cream cone. It was vegan so at least I didn't consume a ridiculous amount of dairy.

It's no surprise that I chose to wear my favorite Rails plaid tied around my waist with a pair of cut offs, a loose white tank, and my American flag Chucks.

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