My Favorite Websites for Female Empowerment

Everyone has their go-to websites. For most people, those are social medial platforms, and while I love Instagram just as much as the next girl, I prefer sites that are a bit more thought-provoking. Of course, I scan through a smattering a fashion blogs when I have some down time, but I find that they don't really inspire me to be a better person or to work for the kind of life I want. They really just make me want to go shopping and spend money that I don't have. I like websites and blogs that empower women and inspire me to grow as a person. So here are the websites and blogs that I truly love to explore.

  1. Her Agenda
    This website is all about helping women in their careers. It provides advice for managing the professional world, growing your own business, and networking. It also provides special articles from successful women in the professional world. If you want to build your career and learn the navigate the dog-eat-dog business world, then this is the site for you.
  2. Ivanka Trump
    Oh. My. Gosh. I don't know if I can fully communicate how much I love Ivanka Trump's new site. She's revamp her website to focus on her #WomenWhoWork campaign, which is all about inspiring and aiding women who have full careers, but also have full lives outside of their careers. It is "a celebration of women working to create the lives they want to live". Basically, it's about women who do it all and want to do it all. Seriously, this is the site I've been waiting for my whole life.
  3. Tone It Up
    I love a good workout and I really love a good workout plan. Tone It Up is a website that provides free workout videos and printouts, and seasonal exercise schedules for you to follow along with. Currently, Tone It Up is doing a #HolidayHunny exercise challenge for its members. As a free member you recieve emails about success stories, new recipes, new workouts, and new schedules. There is also a wide following on social media for you to connect with. Essentially, it is a community of women working to build the bodies they want the healthy way. Not to mention, the founders Karena and Katrina are adorable and create some killer workouts.
  4. Independent Fashion Bloggers
    This is a site devoted to fashion blogging. It promotes fashion blogs and provides tips for fashion bloggers to use. It provides a ton of inspiration for bloggers of all kinds - not just fashion bloggers. I've learned some useful things about blogging and social media promotion from it's articles, and I've been introduced to a few really interesting blogs and Instagram accounts. If you want some help surviving in the world of fashion blogging then you need to check this one out.
  5. Queen of Jet Lags
    This fashion blog focuses on style, but there are also some good tid bits about blogging and life. Noor has an incredible personal style and her photos are always so much fun to scroll through. She's based out of Amsterdam, but travels all over the world, so she always has a new breathtaking backdrop for her pictures. She is currently doing a weekly post about blogging that I have found to be helpful and honest.

So tell me, what are some of your favorite websites to visit? What do you think of my top picks? Comment below!


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