Day Designer January 2016 Planner: A Quick & Dirty Review

Hold the phone, shut the front door, and sit yourself down because the best thing happened this month. MY NEW DAY DESIGNER ARRIVED. It's finally here. It's sitting on my desk like a little lady, just generally making my whole apartment look more stylish and cool. In short, it completes me. 

Pretty much everyone knows how much I've loved my 2015 Day Designer. I mean, I only talk about it all the time. I've only written an alarming amount of articles about it for Alot Careers and Earn Spend Live. I just published a lengthy review of the 2016 DD for Earn Spend Live this past week, but I still wanted to do a review on here. So here it goes.

Let's talk aesthetics.

My planner is so pretty it hurts. I chose the Spotty Dots cover this go around because I didn't want to do stripes again, and this cover just screams "FIERCE." It actually reminds me of Cruella de Vil, and before you become alarmed, just know that I've always been more interested in the villains than the good guys. And aside from that whole puppy killing thing, I admired Cruella's flawless sense of fashion. Of course, I'd always choose faux fur coats over real fur if given the choice. But, I digress. Back to the point of this post. The cover is stunning, clean, and full of personality. The sea foam green color on the inside is a perfect choice for it as well. 

The layout is even more perfect.


This edition still has the signature layout that Day Designer is known for. The schedule goes from 5 am to 9 pm, the to-do list is a mile long, and the various sections at the top and bottom of the page are still included. It has everything that I love about my 2015 planner, plus a few tweaks that are going to make all the difference in the next year. The biggest change is the weekend page. Most people I know are still hella busy over the weekends. Sure, most of us pursue a social life on those two days, but we also spend the non-social moments tackling the never-ending to-do lists. Not having a to-do list in my 2015 DD just didn't work well for me. For 2016, there's a spot for three to-dos above both Saturday and Sunday's schedules. All I can say is FINALLY! I can't even express just how tired I've been of having to write my weekend tasks on my weekend schedule. That won't even be an issue in 2016.

The layout is also much cleaner than it was this year. The font is a softer gray, the lines are thinner, and the extra monthly challenges are gone from the monthly planning pages. There's more white space this go-around, which I love. I think white space gives us the room we need to think clearly, honestly. Clutter in any form is a huge distraction in life, so less clutter in my planner is a dream come true. 

Contributing to this clean design is the new quote layout. I know this change was made in the August 2015 edition, but I didn't buy that one so this is a major thing to me. This major change is the new font and placement of the daily quote. Now it's centered over the page and written in a sans serif font. Reading the quote is easier because the font is larger and simpler. And the quotes now have prominence in each page, so maybe I can actually remember to read each one to glean some inspiration and motivation in the new year.

I love a planner with focus.


A huge part of Day Designer's allure as a planner has always been the worksheets at the beginning that help you create a focus and plan for the coming year. I filled these out last year, and while I found them incredibly insightful for myself, I did not find them helpful in achieving anything. Granted, that's one hundred million percent on me. I know that I have to do the work if I'm going to achieve anything, but I seemed to just forget about those worksheets at the front of my planner. Quite frankly, it was a little overwhelming to think about all of these huge goals and aspirations I wrote down. The whole thing could have gone differently for me if my year hadn't involved the major obstacles and changes that it did, but I'll never know. So anyway, the 2016 DD edition does not include all of the same worksheets as the 2015 edition. There are four included, and they are much more streamlined and focused this time. I'm excited to use them for the next year and see what all I can achieve in 2016 with them. I do know that the full set of worksheets is available for purchase on Day Designer's website for anyone that really really loves them.

 So there you have it, my quick and dirty review for the 2016 Day Designer that I'm quite literally bouncing out of my chair to begin using. For a more detailed in depth review, you can read my article over on Earn Spend Live. 

Want to purchase your very own Day Designer? This link here will take you right to it.

xx, tmb