Stocking My 2016 Tool Belt: Exclusive Stickers & One Special Treasure

When I was preparing myself for 2016 start, I considered more than my resolutions (which I didn't actually set. More on that here.). This is me we're talking about, so of course I had to physically prepare myself to take on the new year and achieve my goals through the proper tools: my planner and planner accessories. After the year I had in 2015, I'm determined to achieve the goals I wasn't emotionally capable of handling the last several months in 2016. I'm not allowing myself to have any excuses this year, which is why my tools are so important. And thanks to Whitney English, I've got some little organization helpers.


I preordered my 2016 Day Designer, so I received a free set of exclusive stickers. I wasn't sure I would actually use them, though. I've never been much on using stickers in planners. I used to use the rectangular ones included in the Erin Condren LifePlanners in college, but those were just rectangles. Any other shapes or decorative stickers didn't appeal to me. They just seemed to take up the valuable space inside my planner. Plus you can't move stickers around if your plans change later. Despite this, I wanted to give the Day Designer stickers a try because they were pretty, well-made, and different from the stickers I had seen everywhere else. 

Hello, you beautiful little things.

Well, I'm only a week into my new planner, and I've only used the stickers to mark my set in stone future plans (to avoid that no-moving conundrum I mentioned earlier), but I basically love them. I was a little worried I wouldn't know what to do with all of the different shapes, and I still haven't figured them all out just yet, but they look phenomenal in my planner. Since the planner is just black and white inside, the colors add a pop of personality that my monochrome-heart actually digs. To keep it from becoming a rainbow every month, I've decided to choose a two color theme each month. It might be as organized in December as it is right now, but I'm going to do my best to keep enough stickers of two colors all year. 

Whitney English truly outdid herself with this stickers. The shapes are different, but still functional in a very clear way. The little flags are perfect for highlighting special events on the monthly calendars while the large flags are prefect for noting those all-day-long events/holidays/birthdays on the individual days. There are arrows that I plan to use on the note pages for special ideas and particularly moving quotes. I'm also excited to use the banners, in two different sizes, the hexagons, the large blank circles, and the small labeled stickers. Those ones will be used sparingly compared to the others since there are less of them, but that doesn't make them any less beneficial. With these stickers to help me keep my planner organized and prioritized, I feel assured I can stay focused on my goals this year.

I can't forget my other important tool, though.

On top of my phenomenal stickers, I've got a beyond beautiful wall calendar to inspire me through the next twelve months. I know I'm going to have days when I don't want to work on achieving my dreams. I know I'm going to have moments when I don't feel inspired or motivated. Even though I've got some methods of working through those tough moments - mostly yoga and a long run - I felt like I needed another boost. Well, finding that boost was a total stroke of luck.

One day last fall my mom (who I like to call Scar Baby) and I were exploring downtown Fayetteville, and we came across this darling little paperie. Of course I wanted to buy the whole store right away, but as we were browsing my mom picked up a wall calendar. She brought it over to me with a big grin and asked, "Do you want one of these?" Let's just say go Scar Baby because this wall calendar is the best calendar I have ever seen. 

Wall calendars have never served me much in the past since I've always had an actual planner to rely on. This one isn't meant to be written on though. It's simply meant to inspire you with a fierce quote and simply beautiful design. I love seeing it hanging on the corner wall by my desk while I'm typing away on my computer. Stay tuned for a monthly update on the fresh quotes!

What about you? What tools, desk accessories, or organization are you relying on to make 2016 the most productive, goal/dream chasing year yet?