Lululemon Active Wear Shorts: Are They Really Worth It?

The best season for running is upon us: FALL.

As soon as the air starts to change, I'm ready to up my running game. Instead of just busting out a quick (for me) mile or waking up long before the sun just to avoid the heat and get in two miles, I can actually enjoy running longer distances. (By longer I mean a max of five.) I love to run, but I'm one of those people who's always hot all the time for absolutely no reason. As you can imagine, it's even worse when I'm exercising, especially when I'm running outside during the warmer months, which is exactly why I love to run in the fall so much. 

My face turns lobster red, and I don't mean just on my cheeks in a cute way. I mean my WHOLE face from hairline to chin turns a brilliantly embarrassing red. I sweat like the dickens, too (TMI?) Any clothing that's thick, has sleeves, or touches me in general is just not bearable. I refuse to run in leggings until about mid November because of this. But most running shorts aren't even thin enough for me to be comfortable most days. Until recently I've just sucked it up because I figured all shorts were created equal.

Shocker: I was wrong. Why didn't anyone tell me how fantastic and perfect and flattering Lululemon shorts were?!

Like damn, my entire run-life changed because I found the unicorn version of exercise shorts. A while ago I bought the Make a Move Short in pink (which is so strange because pink is not my thing), and the Run Times Short *Block It Pocket. I'M OBSESSED. Really and truly, I want to wear these shorts every day. I actually wash them after each workout so I always have them ready to go. I'm fairly certain my gym people are starting to notice my outfit repetitions, but I honestly don't care because I love wearing and sweating in them so much. 

The best thing about them is the fit.

Both pairs have a different cut and fit, but neither of them digs in or creates horrendous love handles. I don't spend my entire workout pulling them up or readjusting the waistband. They stay in place whether I'm running, doing burpees, lunging, lifting weights, or dropping down in a squat. That's major in a pair of active wear shorts.

I'm amazed at how lightweight they are too. The Make a Move Short is about as heavy as a feather. Neither pair sticks to my skin when I'm sweaty in the middle of a run or feel stiff as my legs move back and forth. The waistband on the Run Times Short is the best I've ever personally worn. It smooths out that troublesome love handle area so my tops lie smooth, and there's a continuous drawstring throughout it. I don't have to worry about it being lost, stretched, or ripped out in the wash like all of my other shorts have done. 

I've said this before and I'l say it again: Your workout clothes will make or break your workout. When you feel good in your sweat clothes, you perform better in the gym and work harder to reach your goals. These two pairs of shorts certainly make me feel good enough to forget how sweaty and hot I am while running. Also worth noting: the zippered pocket on the back of the Run Times Short is a lifesaver when I'm walking Gatsby because I don't have to juggle my keys and the leash.

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Photos by Olena Fitzergerald